Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machines

CNC Series (B-Axis multi-spindle wheelheads)
  • GU-35/GU-32
CNC Series
  • GU-2020CNC
  • GU-3250CNC
  • GU-32120CNC
  • SuperB GU-35100CNC
CNC Series (Heavy Duty)
  • GUH-3540CNC
  • GUH-3580CNC
  • GUH-35100CNC
  • GHU-35150CNC
NC Series
  • GU-3250NC
  • GU-3275NC
  • GU-32100NC
P Series & S Series
  • GU-3250P/S
  • GU-3275P/S
  • GU-32100P/S

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The GU Series are compact universal cylindrical grinding machines by PARAGON, and can achieve up to 0.1 μm positioning accuracy. They are suitable for long, multi-steps, and profile cylindrical grinding. Along with the optional internal grinding unit attachment, they provide more flexibility and offer the best choice for your needs. The main features are as follow:
  • Grinding wheelhead spindle with unique Hydrostatic Bearings
  • Multi-function, high roundness Workhead
  • Hydraulic and manual adjustable Tailstock
  • High rigid Machine Base with Hydrostatic Lubrication on guideways
  • Heidenhain sub-μm Linear Scale with closeloop feedback.
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