High-Speed Centerless Grinding Machines

RHC-620 (B Series / CNC Series)
  • RHC-620B
  • RHC-620CNC
RHC-630 (CNC Series)
  • RHC-630CNC
RHC-650 (CNC Series)
  • RHC-650CNC

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RHC Series not only with the features of centerless grinding machine but also with design of spindle fixed elements, which is double support, big span and like hugging. It’s not only to improve stiffness, but also make sure the stability of the spindle under heavy cutting.
  • 1.Roller and Ball Bearings Series (B Series)
  • The innovative advanced regulating wheel spindle does not require a flange and utilizes angular contact bearings and cylindrical roller bearings with double supports that firmly maintain spindle super precision rotation and rigidity.
  • 2.CNC Series
  • Available with roller and ball bearings.
  • Equipped with FANUC color screen, the latest technology in digital control systems.
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