Internal Grinding Machines

ID/OD Twin-Spindle Series
  • RTG-100CNC
CNC Series
  • RIG-150CNC
NC Series
  • RIG-150NC
Economical Series
  • RIG-150

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The RIG series internal grinding machine is suitable for inner diameter of workpiece. The efficient and reliable programming of grinding and dressing cycles is suitable for mass production and ensures the precise concentricity on inner diameters. The main features are as follows:

Internal Grinding Spindle

Multi-Faces / I.D. Grinding

Faces Grinding

I.D. Taper Grinding
  • Nimble and precise positioning wheelhead.
  • Multi-function and manual adjustable workhead.
  • Highly rigid machine base with hydrostatic lubrication on guideways on Z axis.
  • Heidenhain sub-μLinear scale with closeloop feedback on X axis.
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